Socialist appeal 1943 V5 num 16

August 1943 – Vol 5 - N °16

Warner’s fake film “Mission to Moscow”, rich man's gift to Stalin – Fascism collapsing, Europe’s revolution has begun – Fight Bevin’s threat to miners’ children - Tyneside welders fined £5 – Capitalist court backs Joe Hall – Our programme for power – Workers demand T.U. inspection of the detention barracks – Soviet millionaires and the Daily Worker – Disgraceful pension scheme for war heroes – Trotsky memorial meeting - Victimised shop steward reinstated – Editorial : the future of Europe – A.M.G.O.T. – Natalia Trotsky on the dissolution of the Comintern – U.S Trotskyist paper deprived of mailing rights – Strike of Leicester conductresses – How Mussolini came to power.