Socialist appeal 1946 num 31

October 1946 - N° 31

Nuremberg : death to Nazi criminals. Trial served to cover Allied war guilt – Release the paratroopers – Salute the Dutch soldiers ! Protest at war against Indonesians – B.O.A.C. strike – Lessons of the squatters movement – Don’t leave it to the few, keep your paper going an appeal to every reader [fighting fund] – Industrial news : Dockland, defend the 29 – Letters from a soldier abroad : on a train in Germany – Nuffield strike – To Harry Pollitt from the R.C.P. – From left to right : Mrs Tennant... landlady... and Mayfair tea parties – New purges in Russia – Dutch soldiers and workers support Indonesians – Trieste, hotbed of national hatreds – 4 YCL'ers (members of the Youth Communist League) join R.C.P. – Seamen’s solidarity – Wage labour and capital by Karl Marx, part. 2 – Squatters’movement, the lessons.