Socialist appeal 1947 num 37

January 1947 – N° 37

Miners must control, out with the capitalist coal board ! – Bevinism justified by Labour Party secretary, foreign policy discussion in Labour Party – Greek women appeal for aid, stop dispatch of arms to Greece – Fight anti-Semitism – Charlie Dukes brings “prestige” to the houses of Lords - World struggle for oil, US extend influence in Middle East – Help the fund ! (fighting fund) – Builders problems : Volonteer labour on housing : should building trade workers offer services without payment of wages during their week-ends on repair hutments ?– 40 hour week sell-out – Conditional decasualisation for the dock workers – From a sympathiser - From left and right : US collaboration go free ; How “the workers” live ; For workers around Mayfair – Third Greek C.P. versus Trotskyist debate – German youth – News in brief – Stop the forces victimisations ! - French war on Indo-China, role of Socialists and Stalinists – Demand action against Franco – The Royal train – Hamburg notes – The policy of the R.C.P. – Trotskyist paper in Germany – Party building.