Socialist appeal 1947 num 38

February 1947 – N° 38

“Work harder !” For whom ? Labour leaders oppose shorter hours – Haulage workers to Deakin : “Serve the workers, not the bosses” – Deakin’s last line of support : scene after Stratford Haulage strike meeting – Dockers prepare for struggle against Forster report – Free the Sudan – Troop transport : soldier exposes conditions in Monty's modern army – Some facts – N.C.B. flag hoisted : What the miners are thinking – Letters : S.E.A.C. soldiers learn to quell demonstrations ; From a Liverpool haulage worker – Role of Stalinists exposed at London Trade council – Land workers elect stewards – Token strike for 5 day week – Stratford rail workers victory – What is happening in Stalinist Russia ? – Crisis in American C.P. : New leaders, same old policy – French printers' strike, Trotskyist paper printed by stikers without pay – Heaton Lee has accident – War against Viet-Nam, supported by French Socialists and Stalinists – Italian strikes : “We want work, not charity !” – Glasgow Bin-Men win, wage increase for all Scotland – Party building – The policy of the R.C.P.