Socialist appeal 1947 num 50

October 1947 - N° 50

A coal board ? Yes, but of workers’ representatives – Subsidy cuts will mean attacks on workers living standards – Chase the fascists off the streets. For a united front of all workers organisations – Trotskyist victory in Ceylon election – Grimethorpe - Behind the Lanarkshire miners strike – Industrial news : How to defend the N.U.M. [National Union of Mineworkers] – Savoy bosses break agreement – Party activity – Letters : From South Africa. African unions in danger – September fund - From left and right : Is two a number ? Methinks he doth protest too much ; Correction – Editorial : the functions of Joint production committees – Harry Pollitt’s “looking ahead” - Capitalist stratification : concluding section of the central committee resolution - Italian workers strike to live – Russian workers in Britain barred from joining trade-union by Russian delegation – Smash fascism : Lambeth trades council call – Catering workers discuss : wages board proposals.