Socialist appeal 1947 num 52

Mid-november 1947 - N° 52

Cops smash Savoy picket – Swing to the right revealed in election – Trotskyists protest outside Mosley meeting– An appeal to Trade unionists – French C.P. leader admits “grave” mistakes in C.P. policy since 1935 – Interim budget : how it affects the workers - Tory demagogy on potato rationing – The facts about the Birmingham bus strike – Interview with a German worker – Royalist terror in Greece – £50 needed for loudspeaker and van – Jewish M.P.s [members of Parliament] – Party building - Legalised Jew-baiting – Jobs for bureaucrats : demand workmen's wages for all Labour and Trade-unions officials – Fight the Fascists while they are weak : an appeal to members of the C.P. and Y.C.L. – Palestine partition will lead to bloodshed – Greece : a British soldier speaks – Austerity wedding – Heard in parliament – Growing crisis in France – Italian workers reply to the fascists.