Socialist appeal 1948 num 61

September 1948 – N° 61

Rising prices : Trade unions demand action – Austin bosses try it on - British investments at stake in Malaya – Berlin crisis : down with secret diplomacy, for a unified Socialist Germany – Stalin moves to oust Tito. Great Socialism condemned by Lenin – No august issue, an apology – We need cash – On the industrial front : why workers lack confidence in arbitration machinery – National insurance, its benefits and its weaknesses – Net profits have risen, 24 % increase over previous year – Benefits of colonial development – Edwards defends capitalism – Editorial : Coal policy. For workers control – U.S. presidential elections : Labour needs its own party, Trotskyist candidates call for a break with capitalist parties – R.C.P. statement to Daily worker peace conference – The Kosenkina case, Stalinist secret police method exposed – Malan moves against Africans – Programme of the R.C.P.